Incredible Video of the Worst Mail Man Ever Falling Out of His Van and Losing Complete Control

Are you having a bad day? Maybe your bus was 30 minutes late? Maybe you lost your phone in an Uber drunk last night from your holiday party? Well, how about being this mail man. My friend, you are the WORST mail man in the history of mail. How do you fall out of your van while driving? My guy here got a little too cocky trying to deliver some bills and thought he could getaway without stopping. He got a little too close to the mailbox and WHAAAAAM before you know it he’s out on his feet chasing a runaway mail van. Worst possible scenario short of running someone over.

I’m actually willing to bet this happens way more than you think. He was probably in a giant hurry and behind schedule, thinking he could clear this quiet street out in a quick minute. Probably a move you need years of mail-delivering training for (Respect the Biz). Poor dude, definitely got fired, definitely had to pay for the damages to that house’s trees and the mailbox he broke and now he’s always that guy who went viral for losing control of his truck. Still makes for an unreal video. Honestly, with all things considered he’s pretty lucky. That truck could’ve slammed straight into the house, it could’ve went into a parked car, or it could’ve hit a human being. To only knock over a few small trees this guy has to be thanking his lucky stars nothing else happened.

Oh and here comes a former mail man chiming in on the YouTube comment section

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 12.23.07 PM

You don’t fuck with mail man commenters.