Bryce Harper Has Officially-ish Said He Will Test The Free Agent Market

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This should come as no surprise to anyone. And it’s good that it’s finally out in the open, no questions, no awkwardness about it. Bryce and the Nats have had some conversations, and he made it clear he is going to see how much money is out there, and what teams are willing to spend it.

Through all the “Bryce is going to look good in pinstripes” jokes, I’ve always assumed he will end up on the Yankees after this upcoming season. He loves baseball history. He’s a baseball purist. And he’s very open about his love for Yankee greats, especially Mickey Mantle. And he always gave off the vibe to me that he wants to be the next Yankee great.


It’s not so clear anymore.

Bryce and Kris Bryant are great friends. Their wives appear to be best friends. His dog is even named Wrigley! There are a ton of signs that say he might want to join the Cubs, if they have the money and want to spend it on him.

Or maybe he’ll do something nuts like join the Red Sox and try to destroy the Evil Empire Yankees. I don’t know if that’d be a heel turn or face turn or what it’d be, but it’d be wild.

And there are always teams like the Dodgers, Angels, and Rangers who are willing to spend big money.

And of course…he could always stay in Washington. He could be one of those fucking legends who stays with one team his entire career, brings a parade back to DC, and goes down in history as not only a DC legend, but a baseball legend, who played in one uniform for life. The Nats have allllll sorts of money, we know that. The Lerners are never hesitant to spend. The team is good- stacked right now, with a strong farm system as well. Set up for years to come. So hey- 12 years/500 million to stay in Washington? Doesn’t sound too bad. District Taco is delicious!