LeBron Promised A Sick Kid In The Hospital That He Will Dunk On Lonzo Ball Tonight

That was coooooold bloodeddddd. That kid just put a bounty on Lonzo Ball’s head to the maybe most physically gifted player in NBA history. Things sure have evolved since kids were asking Babe Ruth to hit dingers back in the day. What a fucking awesome kid. And the fact LeBron didn’t back down and said he will do it makes me love it even more. Zo better keep his head on a swivel tonight.

I may be a fan of the Big Baller Brand’s swagger and hate LeBron’s antics most of the time, but I need to see Bron Bron dunk a ball through Zo’s head as LaVar watches in horror. It’s for the children. And if he doesn’t, LeBron clearly doesn’t care about this kid. I hope a FATHER of three realizes the promise he just made. Anything less than Lonzo getting CTE from a thunderous LeBron dunk would be like spitting in this kid’s face. But if he does do it, the millions of Big Baller Haters will be sucking his dick for years and his approval rating will reach heights not seen since before The Decision. Sink or swim, LeBron. Sink or swim.

Then again, killing Zo may not be the best move for LeBron if he’s wearing purple and gold next season.