Politico Reports That Speaker Cool aka Paul Ryan Plans To Retire After 2018 Midterm Elections

It’s pretty telling how chaotic and stressful the political environment in Washington is that Paul Ryan, after grinding through 25 years in DC (internships, staff positions, Congressman), FINALLY gets a Republican majority in the House and Senate and a Republican in the Oval, and he wants to hang ‘em up. That’s like an NFL coach going .500 for 20 seasons then deciding to retire the year he finally gets a hall of fame quarterback and the no. 1 defense. Wtf? What are you doing? I’m not saying Trump’s necessarily a hall of fame president; I’m saying any Republican president to Paul Ryan is like finally having a HOF QB. He’s FINALLY got as good of a situation to get done what he’s wanted to get done FOREVER… and he’s gonna leave?

Obviously must not be feeling too confident for 2018. Tough to imagine he’d walk away if he thought he’d be having another 2 years with Republicans and majorities everywhere. Then again, Donnie can really wear people out.

RIP to the coolest Speaker there ever was.