News Reporter Gets SMOKED In The Face With A Snowball Right Before Going On Air


That was the snowball fight scene from Dumb and Dumber but in real life. It was all fun and games until somebody took one to the face. “Snowball fight! Ahhhhh we’re just joking around. Nothing serious. Let’s get ready to do this live broadcast” then WAP! Straight in her grill mix. A good way to test if the snow is good enough for snow balls is to make one and launch it at another person’s face. They’ll be able to tell you real quick whether or not it’s snowball snow or not. Pretty sure the dude threw that snow ball from point-blank range judging by how quickly he was able to run into the frame. Big shoutout to that woman. She is a pro’s pro being able to hop on air like 25 seconds later. I’d be in tears and need a personal day. I’m very surprised she was able to stay on her feet. A snow ball to the face is nothing to joke about.