High School Kid Goes Super Viral After Posting Video Of Himself Being Accepted To Harvard

Source - Want to feel good? Watch this video of a 16-year-old boy from Opelousas find out he’s been accepted into Harvard. KATC.com, which serves Acadiana, reports the boy is Ayrton Little, a junior at TM Landry College Prep in Breaux Bridge. The video shows him and his classmates waiting to see if he was admitted to the Ivy League school. 

Read the full KATC story here. The video, posted on Youtube on Wednesday (Dec. 13), had hit 151,000 views as of Thursday morning.

Always nice to see hard work pay off. Little Man busted his ass for three years and got he what deserved, an acceptance letter to Harvard University. Where he’ll be studying in the same halls as Zuckerberg, Gates, JFK, and Francis. I can’t imagine the joy he must have felt when he refreshed the screen to see that his status had changed. Not only the joy, but the relief. Every person in his life was standing there watching. Parents breathing down his neck, friends getting ready to roast him on camera should he get denied. It was probably a massive weight off his shoulders.

As exciting as it was, I’m not sure the celebration was warranted. They were jumping around like they just clinched the NBA finals. I’m not trying to rain on their parade, I’m just saying let’s be humble. You haven’t done anything yet. Lay low and enjoy the last year of your “born tired and raised lazy” Louisiana lifestyle. Because once first semester hits, the rat race is on. And oh yeah, his brother got accepted to Stanford like three days earlier.

Not as impressive or viral but exciting none the less.