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Refresh Yourself On What Happened In "The Force Awakens" With This Recap Rap Video

With “The Last Jedi” opening tonight, I figured the people that didn’t have time to rewatch the old movies could use a refresher to see where the fuck everybody stands at the end of “The Force Awakens”. So what better way to catch up than with the best Star Wars recap rap in a galaxy far, far away. The crown for best recap rap in the universe however belongs to our boy Rone and Diss Week.

Damn that motherfucker is talented.

If hip hop isn’t your thing because you are more of a Max Rebo Band kinda person, here is a plain jane 4 minute recap of what happened in Episode VII.

And if you want a long video recapping The Force Awakens while also looking forward to The Last Jedi here is a 40 minute round table of me, Devlin, Robbie, and Trent making predictions for The Last Jedi as well as talking about all the characters in the saga.

We should be filming a recap video like this on Friday after we all see the movie. Can’t fucking wait.

This was originally a Wake Up blog but I figured I’d bump it up a few hours just because there are going to be people that realize they forgot everything that happened two years ago and they need a refresher as they sit in their seat waiting for the previews to start. #BarstoolConfessions