Bizarro World: RG3 Was On ESPN Talking About Kirk Cousins' Future In Washington

I cannot believe what I’m seeing. What a wild ride it’s been with RG3 and Kirk Cousins, and even wilder that I’ve been here to blog it every step of the way. I hope, so much, that when it comes time to make the RG3 documentary they use my catalogue of blogs as a source. I’ve written so much about RG3’s ups and downs, from starter, to “all in for week 1″, to being demoted for Colt McCoy, to the rise of Kirk Cousins, to Kirk throwing a million INTs and getting benched, to RG3 starting off a week as the starter and ending the week deactivated, with all the media leaks, father issues, and weird social media posts in between.

And now he’s on ESPN talking about Kirk Cousins future in the NFL. What a world. From being the Chosen One to commenting on his former backup on television. And also letting the rest of the NFL know…

Oh hell yeah. No way RG3 is done. You’ll telling me he’s worse than half the guys in the league right now? No chance. Chase Daniel is still in the league at age 31. The Saints employ 27 year old rookie from BYU named Taysom Hill. Brock Osweiller…exists. He exists. And gets to throw passes in this league. But this guy doesn’t?

Shaking my dang head.

RG3 is older, wiser, and more mature now. He’s an above average backup at worst, a suitable starter at best.