Typical Shady NFL Rules Michael Bennett Was "Going For the Football" When He Dove At The Jags Center's Legs During a Kneel Down


Sounds about right. As Blake Bortles was taking a knee on Sunday in victory formation against Seattle, Michael Bennett and the rest of the dirty Seahawks defensive line decided to ruin any sort of celebrating going on. They clearly dove at the Jaguars offensive line’s legs to try and injure them. It’s just who the Seahawks and Cheat Carrol are. Bennett’s actions were obvious and he kept going way after the whistle. Now with a monster divisional game coming up on Sunday with Seattle and the LA Rams squaring of you didn’t actually think the NFL would do anything to hurt their ratings did you? What a fucking joke.

Bennett should not only be suspended, he should get more than a game for that bullshit. Dude was flatout trying to end Brandon Linder’s season because the Jaguars beat Bennett’s team. Pussy. Remember when Schiano pulled this shit in Tampa a few years ago? Well, Bennett’s comments resurfaced. They’re as you expected. Hypocritical. Here’s a part from Michael Silver’s NFL.com article

According to Bennett, Bucs players weren’t thrilled with Schiano’s legal-but-dubious decree, either.

“People just really hate it when you have to dive at people’s legs,” Bennett says. “At the end of the day, we’ve got to keep going and move onto the next game and try to make a living. Some of these guys (on other teams) are our friends.”

Fucking scumbag. The Bennett brothers are poison. I hope Goff and the Rams annihilate Seattle on Sunday.

Oh by the way, guess who’s nominated for this year’s Walter Peyton Man of the Year Award? You guessed it! Michael Bennett! Unbelievable.