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Wake Up With Bryce Harper Fighting Hunter Strickland (2017)

Washington Nationals v San Francisco Giants

This is it. This is the homestretch. You all saw the press conference last night — it’s fight week. It’s Rough N Rowdy time. December 15th. Tex Vs. Handsome Hank. Through the rest of the week, we’ll be waking up to baseball fights to get the juices flowing for some Rough N Rowdy action on Friday night. If you’re a slacker and you haven’t already bought the fight yet, be sure to CLICK HERE AND BUY THAT SHIT. They jack the prices up the day of the fight, so get in now while it’s still only $9.99. I tried to get in on the action myself, but so far Frankie Borrelli, Hubbs and Dave Portnoy have turned down my challenges to singles fights as well as a three on one. I’ll keep you posted on any developments there if they decide to grow a set. Tweet me with what baseball fights you’d like to see to round out the week.