Tinder's New Feature Lets You Creep On Peoples' Instagram Without Even Opening The App

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Source -  Currently live in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, Tinder’s new feed pulls in updates related to your matches. You’ll see not only details about new matches (the feed orders everything chronologically so you see the newest stuff first), but updates about their activity on Instagram and Spotify, if they have those accounts connected to their profile.

In practice, this means you’ll see a stream of updates related to Instagram posts, Spotify plays, and profile changes alongside your inbox. 

Tinder hasn’t said when the feature may roll out more broadly beyond the initial test, or if it’s looking to include content from other services besides Spotify and Instagram. In a blog post announcing the feature, the company said the goal is to prod users to move “beyond the swipe.”

It could also get people to spend a lot more time on Tinder between messages. Now, instead of trying track down your match’s latest Instagram posts, you can swipe over and see them without leaving Tinder, which you know, is helpful considering that Instagram is the new Tinder anyway.

Does anyone at Tinder actually use Tinder? Or any dating app for that matter? Rule number one is never link your social media to your account. The vaguer the better. You choose the three best pictures you’ve ever taken and slap a filter on them. Doesn’t matter if they’re five days old or five years old. The end game is to look like a model. Once you start linking social media accounts they get to see the real you and everything goes to shit. No one would have any matches. Imagine swiping through a hundred photos on one profile? Looking at everyones old, uncropped, unfiltered pics? Yuck.

Luckily, nothing’s set in stone. Right now it’s live in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. And if the backlash is strong enough they’ll nix it all together. Although the article made a good point, they said Instagram is the new Tinder. Which may be true but I still want the choice to show people. That’s why I stick to Bumble, they give you the tool you need to succeed. Everything is built into the app. Not only that, they keep it moving. You’ve got twenty-four hours to respond or it’s onto the next one. Which is exactly how online dating should be, fast and mindless.