Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr. Robbing Luis Gonzalez Of A Home Run At Tiger Stadium (1998)

In recent days, I’ve been hearing a lot of chirps from baseball fans because I said that Giancarlo Stanton was my favorite baseball player. I’ve heard hot takes like, “Your favorite baseball player is supposed to be on your favorite team.” The fuck is that? Sure, you can love the best players on your own team, but there are other good — even great — players throughout the league, and guess what? It’s okay to like them, too. If you grew up in the 90’s and Ken Griffey Jr. wasn’t one of your favorite baseball players, then did you even watch baseball? Little water cooler baseball trivia for you baseball fans out there today — who was inducted into the Hall of Fame with the highest voting percentage of all-time? It’s this guy right here, and he damn well deserved it.