Roy Moore's Wife Says The Moores Cannot Be Anti-Semitic Because One Of Their Lawyers Is A Jew

Most Alabama shit I’ve ever seen. At first glance I was wondering what fucking planet we are on, what century we are in, what SNL sketch this was? Then I remembered we’re in Alabama and we’re watching the favorite to be the state’s next senator and his wife and the world all made sense again. Of course the Moores’ version of the mic drop is saying they’re not anti-semitic because one of their attorneys is a Jew. Duh. She took “I’m not racist because I have a black friend,” made it wayyyyyy more absurd, then needed prepared remarks written on a high school notepad to deliver it. Incredible. Shocking video but somehow I think Bama’s gonna love it. We’ll find out tonight.

PS — The way she enunciated “Jew!” like she’d just silenced the critics in the most airtight manner possible is so absurd I laughed out loud. What a fucking lunatic.