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It's Official: Carson Wentz's 2017 MVP Season Is Over With A Torn ACL

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PFT – Any hope that the Eagles might get quarterback Carson Wentz back this season was extinguished on Monday afternoon. Eagles coach Doug Pederson opened his press conference by confirming that Wentz suffered a torn ACL in his left knee during Sunday’s loss to the Rams. Pederson added that no other ligaments were injured.

I’ve been defending the fanbase against tyranny and oppression on the radio till now, but it’s with great sadness to blog that the Wagon officially has a broken axle. Time to repair and move on. The healing can now begin alongside the grieving process.

Look, this sucks. There’s no doubt about it. But if there’s a silver lining here (Spoiler Alert: There’s not) it’s the fact that it was a clean tear of solely the ACL. No MCL, meniscus, or any other that other bullshit in there that could cause severe long term effects. As an ACL tear survivor myself, the only thing I can really say is each case is drastically independent. My injury was unique as I shattered my tibia at the same time (D-III football, nbd) but I, thankfully, only had a clean ACL tear as well. They say 9 months after surgery is a standard recovery time. I would say it took about that length to get back to full strength for me after getting a dead guy’s Achilles as a new ACL. Again, each case is different. Some get stronger sooner, others never recover. But Carson’s first class care and work ethic will only benefit his recovery.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Ironically each one of those ways directly involves Philadelphia getting dicked to the moon. But he’s working. Jokes aside, here’s to Carson for keeping a fine attitude.

PS – M alliance and confidence is with Foles, but dammit, Jeff Garcia can still call it a comeback. Doesn’t smell like no rat here.