The NFL 'is Investigating' How Tom Savage Got Back in the Game After a Seizure


PFTThe NFL now has multiple pending concussion protocol investigations. …

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said during a Monday media briefing that the league and NFL Players Association will jointly investigate whether the concussion protocol was properly followed during Sunday’s 49ers-Texans game, after quarterback Tom Savage suffered an apparent head injury.

One of the key questions will be whether the ATC spotters properly transmitted video of Savage in apparent distress, with hands shaking while on the ground, to the sideline personnel responsible for assessing Savage. As PFT reported last night, that video was at no point provided to the persons on the sideline responsible for making decisions about Savage.

AndTexans coach Bill O’Brien …  does not have access to video on the sideline that would have showed him the hit and Savage’s reaction, something the coach said would have led to a different decision.

“With benefit of seeing the video, obviously from my standpoint — the care for the player — I would have never let that player back into the game and I don’t believe [head trainer] Geoff Kaplan would have let that player back in the game,” O’Brien said, via Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle.

Savage initially was cleared to return by the independent neurotrauma consultant.

I have a rhetorical question here: Is there anyone left who still believes the guys the NFL hires to look for concussions are there to actually find concussions? There isn’t, right? I know as a people we buy into a lot of bullshit but I have enough faith in us to believe that we’re way past believing the “unaffiliated neurotrauma consultants” are even remotely unaffiliated.

I admit the closest I’ve been to medical school is donating blood for the free breakfast. But you don’t have to be House to see that a guy who has his head slammed into the turf and starts shaking his arms like someone hooked a car battery up to his nipples is probably concussed. If they want to claim they didn’t take Savage out because they didn’t see the video, then the league owes Fox an apology because every other American male was watching as he had that fricking seizure.

It’s painfully obvious by now that the NFL doesn’t want players coming out of games. Players don’t want to come out of games. Coaches don’t want players coming out of games. Paying customers don’t want them coming out of games. There are too many jobs at stake and too much money to be lost for everyone involved. The movie Concussion and a half a hundred major studies backed them into a corner and hiring these UNCs was their way of throwing cash at the problem so they can say they’re doing all they can.

And any time they get caught sending a guy back out like they did with Savage, Russell Wilson last week, Cam Newton at the beginning of 2016, just to name a few, they’ll come out with a statement about looking into it to see if “protocols” were followed and we’ll forget about it. It’s the classic method for making an issue go away, like congress commissioning a study or appointing a committee to look into it and no one ever remembers whatever happened on that because we’re onto the next crisis.

I just think we need to get to the part where we quit lying about it and just admit that these guys are gladiators. They’re willing to die in the arena for our entertainment and it’s not in the best interest of anyone to stop them. And if it means ignoring the video that anyone on Twitter had seen within seconds of the play, so be it. Let’s just try being adults for once and admit we want it this way.