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Keaton Jones' Mom Is Now Going Viral For Being A Big Ole Racist



Kim. Kim. Kim… Every single time. Every time we find a new Social Media Random Hero Of The Week, we find something like this. People starting digging up some dirt on our pal Keaton and now his mom is out here with some problematic posts.

Who knows? Maybe this will change her views about people and she’ll raise her kids to be more accepting of others with differences. Or maybe she’ll cash out from her Go Fund Me.

JR Smith, as expected, reminds us that Keaton is a kid and isn’t responsible for the action of his parents.

This one really stings but it doesn’t compare to when we found out that Ken Bone jerked off.


So sad. Our beloved red-sweatered man of the hour just ripping his dick to pieces thinkin bout multi-culturalism of Japanese and Brazilian women. Goodness gracious. Was he wrong though? That’s certainly not for me to say.


I think we’ll have to wait a few hours but it shouldnt be too long until we find out what Keaton’s dad was jerking off to. If I had to guess…. family stuff. Yikes.