The Cleveland Browns Had a 96% Chance To Win in the 4th Quarter Yesterday, You Won't Guess What Happened

There’s nothing quite like the Cleveland Browns. Even when they could look competent and at times dominant (yes that happened yesterday) they find ways to bring out the bad side. The bad side that hasn’t won a football game on a Sunday in over a few years. Yeah those guys came out to play in the 4th quarter against the Packers yesterday. Josh Gordon made headlines in the first half as he hauled in his first touchdown since 2013.

Gordon hauled in three first half grabs for 69 yards as the Browns grabbed a first half lead for the first time in what seems like a decade. What happened in the second half? Well, there’s a reason Hue Jackson is 1-28 as the Browns Head Coach. Gordon didn’t catch one ball in the second half. Not one. And don’t you think for a second that it was because the Packers defense flipped the switch. The Green Bay secondary is abysmal and Gordon was free to do whatever he wanted in the game.

With 2:59 left in the game Cleveland had 96% chance to win the football game. They punted the ball away to the Pack and went on to allow Brett Hundley to lead a game tying 75 yard drive. In overtime, the real Cleveland Browns decided to play as Deshone Kizer switched from playing NFL football to a game of Jackpot.

Hundley then found Davante Adams for the game-winning, walkoff touchdown a few plays later. The Browns win-less season, still very alive, as is the winless parade at the end of the year. The Packers playoff hopes still have a heartbeat, not the best one albeit, but a beating one for sure. What this win did do was allow Aaron Rodgers to come back from injury assuming his scan of his collarbone comes back clean. If Green Bay fell there would’ve been no reason to bring him back, but now with Carolina-Minnesota-Detroit left on the schedule (two teams they’re chasing in the WC hunt) Rodgers has reason to play. The NFL just got a little more fun folks.

For the record, this game-show would be must-watch television