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Keaton Jones, A Victim Of Bullying, Took The Internet By Storm This Weekend With A Heartbreaking Video Sharing His Story

Over the weekend, you probably saw this video pop up on your timeline more times than one. It’s honestly one of the sadder things to go massively viral in a long time. Keaton Jones had his mom pick him up from school on Friday because he was too afraid to go to lunch, and he filmed this in her car. Kids pour milk on him, they call him names, they make fun of the way he looks…they bully him in every sense of the word. It broke my heart hearing him talk about this, barely getting through each sentence, fighting back the tears. Hearing him try to reassure anyone else getting bullied that it’ll “probably” get better was a dagger into my chest. He says “probably” like he’s not even sure at this point. It’s equally inspiring at the same time, because as shitty as he feels in that moment, he’s trying to use a platform to help others. Keaton’s a good dude.

Bullies fucking suck. I think a lot of us have had to face bullying at one point or another in our lives, I obviously have (can’t look like me and have my interests without getting your fair share), and while it’s going on, it certainly feels like it’ll last forever. There’s almost never instant reassurance that everything will be alright and things will get better, no matter how much support you have behind you, because very little stops bullying. For me, I think eventually I just 8 Mile’d everybody and made self deprecating jokes until they were all taken. That and I became jaded enough to not give a shit what anyone else thought of me pretty young. For someone like Keaton, though, it may not be so easy. The internet realized this, and rallied behind him like I’ve never seen before.

It seems in 2017 we found out we could all agree on two things: Fuck Nazis, and fuck bullies.

Captain America invites Keaton to the Infinity War premiere

The Hulk looks up to him

Luke Skywalker is his friend (mine too!)

Eleven is his friend too! She’s gonna fucking murder those bullies, isn’t she?!

Snoop Dogg wants to “chop it up” with Keaton. That mean weed? I think he’s too young for weed.

Dana White invites Keaton to the UFC Headquarters, maybe to show the youngster some self defense?

Other various celebs reaching out:

There are HUNDREDS more messages just like these, but I think you get the point. Keaton Jones is about to have himself an incredible 2018, and he’s gonna deserve every second of it. A GoFundMe was set up to fund Keaton’s further education and it’s up to over $46,000 as of this writing.

Keaton (if your parents are letting you read Barstool for some reason), hang in there pal. You’re an inspiration to us all. I hope your bullies…who absolutely know who they are…are shitting their pants right now. I’d come down to Knoxville tomorrow to kick their asses if I thought I could kick their asses, but you look like you’re in at least fifth grade so your bullies are probably bigger than me.