Hannibal Buress Arrested In Miami, Starts Roasting The Cops While In Handcuffs

NOLA- Actor and comedian Hannibal Buress was arrested for disorderly conduct after drunkenly asking a Miami police officer to order him an Uber on Saturday night (Dec. 9), according to a CBS Miami report.

According to CBS, a police report states at about 10 p.m. Buress walked up to a police officer and asked him to call him an Uber. When the officer refused, Buress became “angry and belligerent,” CBS reported.

After being told to leave the premises, Buress reportedly yelled profanities at the officer, causing a small crowd to form.

On Saturday, Hannibal was arrested in Miami for “trespassing.” Apparently, he left a bar drunk and asked a police officer to call him an Uber. That’s kind of a strange move. Everyone orders their own Ubers, unless they’re a hot chick going to the next bar with a group. (In which case, they sit in the way back, insist on controlling the music, and never pay for anything at all. Ever). When the cops refused, Hannibal created a scene, yelling and swearing at them, and they arrested him.

Now, that’s what has been reported by the officers. It’s hard to know exactly what happened from this video alone. But what we do know is that this is a dream scenario for Hannibal. You can SEE the wheels churning in his head, thinking how best to craft the situation into standup material. Right off the bat, being so drunk that you ask a cop to call you an Uber is a funny premise. Throw in the fact that he starts roasting the cops, with “Y’all know y’all goofy as fuck, right?” and you’ve got a hot 10 minutes at least. All of Hannibal’s fans will have seen this video, and all of them will want to hear the story from his end.

“I’m chillin’. He just salty that I’m roasting his ass.” What a nightmare scenario for the cops. At least from what we’ve read, they handled this the best way that they could. Again, who knows what exactly went down. But if their version is true, they didn’t have much of a choice. And once you find yourself the target of one of the country’s hottest comedians, with a crowd of people filming around you, you want to go home and hide under covers for a week. I will say, they were lucky he was so drunk. Didn’t seem like Hannibal’s brain was functioning with the clarity you need to deliver your A-material. People call me goofy all the time and I don’t mind it. But then again, I’m not an officer of the law–someone whose job is decidedly not goofy.