The Weekend Greenie Bag - A James Young Comeback?


Welcome to a little Sunday late afternoon edition of the Weekend Greenie Bag to help you fight off the Sunday Scaries that are for sure on the way. As you can imagine, things were pretty cheery this week in regards to the Celtics and stoolies thoughts, you know, considering they have the most wins in the NBA. But let’s see what’s on your minds show we?

Your questions….

Yeah, while I too love Baynes, if it comes down to paying one of them, the answer is clearly Smart. Now Baynes probably costs you less, but if we’re talking about importance to the Celts success, you have to lean Smart. The versatility, the importance on perimeter defense, the passing ability, the age, no brainer in my mind.

Speaking of Baynes, we’re starting to see Brad go more with Theis in situations because he’s a little better at guarding smaller players, while still giving you the same sort of DREB production. I would imagine his emergence is going to dictate how far they are willing to to go with Baynes, despite him being fucking awesome.


I think it’s pretty clear that over last few games Tatum has been playing better than Brown. I know that Brown is having a huge year as well but with the way that Tatum has performed as a rookie consistently makes me believe that he might just have a bit better potential than Jaylen. As a rookie he leads the NBA in 3 point percentage and can’t be stopped getting to the rim in the clutch. Is this just an overreaction to what has happened recently or do you think that Tatum has surpassed Brown as best young prospect?


Interesting question. Given how well Tatum has played defensively, and how well he’s rebounded to go along with his better offensive game, I think you almost have to say he has. This doesn’t take away anything from Jaylen, both are very promising players, but I think of it like this. I would think the Celtics are more likely to make a deal that includes Jaylen, then they are with one that includes Tatum.

It’s important to remember, that we haven’t seen Tatum hit his rookie wall yet. It may not be drastic, but its’s a little unfair to expect him to maintain this efficiency throughout the year. Then again, none of us knew he would be THIS good THIS quick either, so who the fuck knows. I’m just glad we don’t have to pick, and can watch both dominate for years to come.

I don’t want to trash on an 18 year old (even though he could mop the floor with me using only his left pinky)…but am I the only one watching Ayton? No hustle. He’s hopping, not jumping.

It’s early in the game. As I wrote this he made a pretty sick block.

Brian Woods

I can’t lie, I haven’t watched much UofA basketball because fuck UofA #SunDevils4Life, so I’ll let Youtube tell me

Yup, OK, if the Celts have a chance to take this dude with the Lakers pick, I say they should do it.


The Lakers have lost 7 in a row. If the Knicks and Hornets can put a good showings, LA has a legitimate chance of going 0 for December and extending the streak to 19 straight losses. With such a young roster, do you see a run like this completely breaking them? It’s hard not to like odds for the Lakers pick to fall to the C’s in this years loaded draft class. Everything keeps coming up Ainge! – Pat

Yeah Pat it’s hard to not get excited. Things were going great until they played PHI/CHA and won them both, but make no mistake, their schedule is still BRUTAL the rest of December. I’m talking CLE/GS/HOU/GS/POR/MEM/HOU on deck brutal. They need to put in some losses in order to make me feel even more confident that pick ends up 2-6, but considering they are filled with young talent and have a negative point differential, I like our chances.

If it conveys and Ainge pulls this whole thing off, I mean just make the dudes statue already.

Hi Greenie,

I can’t help but notice the way James Young is lighting up the G league. I know he has knack for doing this in D/G league.

But with the player exception laying around he could provide some offense off the bench.

My question is.
Is it possible for Celtics to just sign James Young under the player exception from bucks G-League and give him remainder of 2018 to prove himself? If not what would Celtics have to do, to bring him on?


Sujan don’t you fucking tempt me with this hypothetical. I would call it a -456% chance Ainge brings him back, but that doesn’t mean we can’t check in on how James Young looks! Guy did just win G League Player of the week NBD soooooo


Am I crazy for not wanting to trade for Davis and give up Tatum or Brown and the Lakers pick because I feel like we’re set really well for the present and future now then we would after the trade? (He’s also kind of injury prone if I must say so myself)

Viva ~ Ryan

Ryan I would never call you crazy for thinking that. Mostly because I agree with you. Just wait out his deal until the price either plummets, or just find a way to make the money work and sign him when he hits the market at like 27-28 without having to give up any of your young promising talent.

This AD stuff has literally been going on since the Big 3 trade went down and we got these BKN picks, and it is so tiring all these years later. If he comes great, but I am not gutting my team to get him even if he is one of the best young bigs in the NBA.

How much better? I think we should take a breath. If Tatum at 25 is as good as Kyrie is at 25, then the Celtics hit the fucking lottery.

Yo Greenie,

Go Devils – T


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Almost makes me forget that they just fucked their football program up.

And that’s it! Thanks to everyone who wrote in, as always keep it coming. You know the rules, you have a basketball related thought, don’t wait, just type it to me. See everyone next weekend, have a great rest of your Sunday!