Gas Money Bob's Week 14 Bears Preview? Ask GMB Anything.

The Bears have been officially eliminated from the playoffs. That was a tough sentence to write. We’re all disappointed in another season stolen from us by terrible referees but we can’t dwell on it. We need to look forward. I’m not writing a review for this week’s Bears/Bengals game.

Bears 23

Bengals 17

I’m also not going to write about how John Parry and his officiating crew will probably screw us over yet again. I’m done with that.

This week I am just answering your questions. Most of you know me as a Chicago Bears expert, but my sports knowledge covers all Chicago professional and some college (Notre Dame, U of I, etc.). So here is some Twitter questions from you answered with my Chicago sports expertise.


His father was a Navy SEAL.

Has there ever been a player that could have been Rookie of the Year for 3 straight seasons?

Either the Blackhawks or the Bulls. Not sure which season ends first.

16-0 and 100%

I think most teams want an OC that gets along with the QB. Can’t see Trub getting along better with anyone other than with himself.

He keeps this up and the NBA is on notice that the Bulls are back. It would be stupid to trade him.

Walter F-ing Payton.


Good question.

No. I would rather a Packer fan starve to death before I gave them a bite of anything.

I’ve thought a lot about this. I would prefer an ’85 Bear but I have a feeling it will be Jim Bob Cooter and I’m really good with that.

Maybe if her name was Illinois McCaskey she would care more about this state.

Mike Ditka – Head Coach

Jim Dooley – Research/Quality Control

Dale Haupt – Defensive Line

Ed Hughes – Offensive Coordinator

Steve Kazor – Special Teams

Jim LaRue – Defensive Secondary

Ted Plumb – Receivers

Johnny Roland – Offensive Backfield

Buddy Ryan – Defensive Coordinator

Dick Stanfel – Offensive Line

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