This Girl's Textbook Form Tackle Probably Left This Guy With Stage 4 CTE

Man Card! I mean this tackle here was a work of art. Came in straight on, lowered the shoulder into the chest, kept her head out of the tackle. Just as clean as it gets folks. Dude fell down the like the goddamn Berlin Wall. This little snapshot of the moment she ended his life and realized it was priceless. Fuckin pancaked him to hell and back.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 1.49.13 PM

I could see Herm Edwards bringing this girl into ASU to show the players how he wants them to hit. That’s not a penalty in any form of football, even in today’s soft game. It looks to me like this dude was absolutely obliterated at a bar, challenged some girl that she couldn’t take him down like a hardo, and now he’s waking up with Stage 4 CTE. The back of this dude’s head slammed right on the pavement and I expect nothing less than severe CTE. As for the girl? I’m sure she’s waking up to emails and texts from college coaches all over the country.

Take me back to the good ole days when hitting a guy with the football wasn’t a penalty. We’ll start off with my all time favorite hit of all time: Sean Taylor on Brian Moorman.