Bill Burr's And Joe DeRosa's Short Film 'A Man's Guide To Infidelity' Could Be The Go-To Manual On How To Cheat

Nothing like a little Friday afternoon 16-min time waster with your good pals Billy Burr and Joey DeRosa (plus Louis CK’s fictional, hopefully non-masturbatory brother, Robby Kelly). But for those who cheat, these steps might as well be the Ten Commandments of adultery. Especially for those who live with their significant others. Avoid all common people, scour the the place for anything left behind, mask your scent. Basically a comical walkthrough on how best to get away with slaying on the side. The so-called advice is basically foolproof. What more can be offered to get away living happily ever after? Maybe use common sense, don’t be a cheapdick, and get a hotel. Or, even better, just don’t cheat. It could be that simple.

Whatever. Tis the season. Waste some more time with ol’ Billy Bublé singing some of your favorite holiday classic.