Giancarlo Stanton To The Yankees Has Gone From A Pipe Dream To A Legitimate Discussion

Jesus Christ. Here I am on a normal Thursday night just scrolling through Twitter watching the football game when a report comes out that Giancarlo Stanton will not accept a trade to the Giants or Cardinals. I never had faith in him going to St. Louis (just never felt like a good fit) but I was sure as hell he’d go to San Francisco. So not only did Stanton cross off two teams that had done-deal trades for him, but he revealed four destinations he would currently accept a deal to. Those four teams just so happen to be the top 4 contenders in Major League Baseball for the foreseeable future. Bottom line, Stanton wants to win and is tired of finishing in 3rd or 4th in the NL East.

A week ago I wrote a blog about how I wasn’t down for a Stanton trade. Within the blog I cited Stanton’s troublesome injury history, his lengthy contract, and what players would be heading back to Miami. Those are all still very big issues that I am not content with.

Today I woke up with a DM from a guy that was been dead right in the past saying Stanton and his entourage are at Yankees Stadium. I have no reason not to believe him even if the story seems a little odd. Take it with a grain of salt, but I believe it for now. I don’t see the Cubs going too hard after Stanton because pitching should be their #1 priority. I also strongly believe Harper will be a Cub next season and giving Stanton all this money would essentially take them out of the running. The Astros could 100% be in the mix if they choose to, but Correa, Altuve, Springer, and eventually Bregman will all need mega contracts. Giving Stanton $300+ mill would probably not be the smartest of ideas when you have your own guys looking for big extensions as well. Then there’s the Dodgers, who will always have their name in the hat when it comes to who has the biggest wallet. So far there really hasn’t been much talk out of LA about a Stanton trade. It’s been too quiet for my liking so you would think they’ll be in the loop until this gets done somewhere.

That leaves the Yankees as I guess the favorite right now to land Stanton? Just by process of elimination and knowing each team’s situation, you have to think the New York Yankees have a pretty good shot to get this done. I don’t see it costing any top prospects because of Miami’s desire to get rid of Stanton’s contract. You shouldn’t be hearing names like Torres, Florial, or Sheffield. None of those guys I expect to be involved. I could see Clint Frazier’s name being thrown around for sure as the center piece heading back, but that might even be too much. Maybe they could get away with someone like Brett Gardner being the top guy moved. If that’s the case I mean you have to be okay with this. Would it take New York out of the running for Machado/Harper? Probably. Sure it sucks, but there are no guarantees either of them will sign in the Bronx. Stanton would obviously be a sure thing since the Yankees are on his approved list and he clearly wants to play here. I’m still not sure how I’d feel at the end of the day because of his injury history and length of that monster deal, but a 2-3-4 or 3-4-5 of Gary-Judge-Stanton is an absolute joke. What do you do as an opposing pitcher? You’d have to think long and hard of a trio of guys that have scared you more than those guys in the last few years.

Just close your eyes and imagine Derek Jeter’s first major move as an MLB owner is dealing the NL MVP to the New York Yankees. Carrabis would make my Ohtani bitch fit look like absolutely nothing if that happened.

The Hot Stove is heating the fuck up folks. It’s almost time to refresh Twitter every 30 seconds. Let’s have some fun.