Soccer Guy Gives Us An Incredible Flop After Pretending He Got Head Butted

Just an incredible sell. It came about 8 seconds too late but still an incredible sell. LeBron James would be proud of that flop. Does that guy not think the games are televised? Or does he just not care? Then again, it is soccer. Not to shit on soccer, I actually enjoy soccer quite a bit, but no sport flops like soccer flops. People will say, “Well the NBA is just as bad as soccer players” and I’m here to tell you it’s not even close. NBA players flop, draw a foul and then return to acting normal (LeBron is the exception to this, he’s still selling his flops to this day). Soccer players? Soccer players flop, act like they’re on fire, act like someone is murdering their entire family in front of them then return to acting like they’re on fire until a couple dudes sprint onto the field with a stretcher. The dramatics is what makes it different. Which is precisely what we watched with that phantom head butt. I actually find soccer flopping very impressive. It’s part of the sport.