Absolute Lunatic Rescues A Bunny Rabbit From The California Wildfires

CNN- As Californians suffer the devastation caused by wildfires that have burned through more than 100,000 acres, one man braved the flames to save a wild rabbit and instantly became the hero we didn’t know we needed.

Video of the daring rescue shows a Ventura County highway near La Conchita engulfed in smoke and flames. An orange-and-black singed sky fills the screen.

But then, a wild rabbit darts across traffic and into the burning brush.

A man, stopped on the road and wearing just shorts and a hoodie, races after him. The rabbit is both out of reach and in danger.

The internet loves this guy, calling him a hero and saying he restored their faith in humanity.

Sorta what you’d expect from @bunnymother. Hey lady, chill the fuck out about bunnies, you sicko.

One guy said this video restored his faith in humanity:

Man, Robby Starbuck is easy to please. We’re on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea and a guy pulling a bunny off the grill restored your FAITH in HUMANITY? You simpleton. This didn’t restore my faith in humanity at all, but it did restore my faith in the power of meth. That’s the only explanation for why this guy is doing this. Why? Because he tries to call the bunny like a dog. Tapping his thighs and jumping up and down like he’s about to lose a beloved golden retriever but it’s a wild rabbit! Dude, what are you DOING? It’s a fucking rabbit, man. Not a horse, donkey, dog, cat, cow, or even a pig. Never seen someone so worked up over the welfare of a rodent.

You know what’s delicious? Rabbit. Very gamey. I prefer it braised in a stew but roasted over the pits of hell will give it that nice smokey taste. Let that rabbit burn, baby.