The O's Are Willing to Trade Manny Machado Within The Division, Should The Yankees Pull The Trigger Or Wait To Try and Sign Him?

FUCK YOU HUBBS!  The Yankees can’t have everyone! Oh but we can.

Here are the facts: Manny Machado will be a free agent at the end of the 2018 season. The Orioles will not be resigning him. He will be commanding upwards of $250 million. As the hot stove begins to really heat up, Dan Duquette and the Orioles will be entertaining trade offers for their prized third baseman and the Yankees will obviously have their eyes and ears wide open. Everything Cashman has done this offseason has been with the mindset of staying under the luxury tax threshold of $195 million. If the Yanks are able to stay under that number for the upcoming season it means whatever new contracts they sign will be for the amount they sign them for.

If they were to go over that threshold number, they would be penalized. If a team doesn’t pay tax in 2018, its tax rate would drop to 20 percent in 2019 — allowing high-spending clubs to sign stars at a lower cost. The tax threshold increased from $189 million to $195 million under the new labor contract, and rates were simplified to three levels: 20 percent for first-time payers, 30 percent for those owing for a second straight season and 50 percent for clubs paying three times in a row or more.

With the deals the Yanks have made, they are currently around $30 million under that threshold, allowing them to acquire more players for 2018. Machado is due $17 million in 2018, so he could easily fit under the payroll and be extended during the year or the offseason for his big payday. So this begs the question: Now that the Yanks are in the running clearly for Machado right now, should they trade for him or be patient and risk missing out in the offseason? It’s an interesting debate and in my mind as long as we can hang onto Gleyber Torres, Sheffield, and Florial I’m perfectly fine with it. So what would the offer be?

Clint Frazier is the first name for sure. In my mind he’s not even a Yankee anymore. There’s just no future role for him with how crowded the outfield is. He’s a valuable, controllable piece and he should be at the forefront of any big deal the Yanks are making in the coming weeks whether it’s for Machado or a starting pitcher like Gerrit Cole. A starter will likely be involved and that means one (hopefully not two) of Justus Sheffield, Chance Adams, or Domingo Acevedo. My pick here would be Acevedo, but I could live with Adams being dealt instead. Losing both would be pretty tough to stomach. I love Justus Sheffield and I want no business dealing him in any trade. Sheffield, Gleyber, and Florial are the three names where I say no thank you in any trade. Don’t get me wrong, the Yankees have a great farm system and I’m all about dealing some of those guys because there’s not gonna be room for all of them. But the top tier guys are the ones I want to hang on to. Dealing one of those three would be unnecessary panic-type moves that make no sense.

So would you be okay with that? Clint Frazier, Domingo Acevedo/Chance Adams, and let’s say Miguel Andujar for Manny Fucking Machado? Frazier has no future with the club, Andujar is replaced by Manny Machado, and then you’re surrendering one of your several pitching prospects. I think you do that. I’m all for saving prospects. But if you can make a trade for a franchise-changing player who is only 25 years old while also holding onto your Top 3 guys, I think you have to do it. I’d even add a little more to sweeten the deal now that I think about it. The fact of the matter is that there’s no team out there that can beat our offer and that’s why the O’s have to seriously consider trading him within in the division. If he goes somewhere else, maybe he falls in love with that team or they get him to sign a massive extension before he even hits free agency. There’s certainly a risk we lose him for sure and because of that we might have to pull the trigger.

I’d give us a 25% chance of landing him right now, in which case our lineup would be absolutely preposterous.

2B Didi Gregorious

SS Manny Machado

RF Aaron Judge

DH Giancarlo Stanton

1B Greg Bird

C Gary Sanchez

CF Aaron Hicks

LF Brett Gardner

2B Gleyber Torres

Just a joke