You've Gotta Respect Brock Holt For Admitting That He Uses Andrew Benintendi For Likes On Instagram

Don’t lie to my face, boys. You’ve all done something similar to this and you fucking know it. Our mugs aren’t good enough to jack up those likes so you grab the nearest puppy to pose with to make the ladies melt. Your face = 30 likes. You holding a puppy = 200+ likes with girls commenting heart eye emojis. And even though those emojis aren’t for you whatsoever — they’re for the adorable little puppy — you can pretend that they are and feel wanted for like an hour or two. Social media, man.

But not all of us have an Andrew Benintendi at our disposal that we can just grab for a quick IG pic like Brock Holt does. Benny just moves the needle and he knows it, too. Look at this beautiful son of a bitch.







Likes on likes on likes. By the way, Holt was excellent in his interview on Section 10. You can check out the full interview right here. Also, Red Sox manager Alex Cora was on Starting 9 this week, too, so you can listen to that here.