Carrie Fisher's Dog, Gary Fisher, Will Appear In Star Wars: The Last Jedi As An Alien Version Of Himself

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Rian Johnson confirmed yesterday that the space dog in the background of this photo from EMPIRE Magazine is the trusty companion of the late, great Carrie Fisher…Gary Fisher. Gary went absolutely everywhere with Carrie, and always got his own seat. You’d be hard pressed to find a picture of Carrie in the last few years where Gary wasn’t right by her side, so this is actually a really cool tribute to that friendship.

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Gary now makes Comic Con/pop culture conventions by himself, and fans line up for miles to get a picture with him. It’s pretty wild. He’s a bigger star than pretty much everyone on the cast of The Walking Dead and has queues longer than theirs. He also got his own Instagram and Twitter pages as well, but fair warning, some of the posts are real tear jerkers.

If you were wondering about how hype I am for the new Star Wars, by the way, this blog should answer any questions you had. I wrote a blog about an alien dog in the background of a shot. That’s how fuckin’ hype I am. I cannot wait to spot Gary Fisher in The Last Jedi. I might even cry when he’s on screen out of pure excitement and celebration of a dog’s love for it’s owner. LET’S GOOOOOOO!