Subway Passengers Go About Their Business As Drunk Kid Pisses All Over The Place

At first glance one may consider this video problematic. And to a degree it is. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2017, it’s that exposing yourself to an unwilling participant is never okay. It doesn’t matter how many beers you’ve had or how many Oscars you’ve won. You’ve got to keep it in your pants. I’m going to give this guy a pass because a) his penis was too small for anyone to see, and b) he was so blacked out that no one seemed to care. It may actually be the most uneventful train urination of all time. Both parties followed every unwritten rule of the subway and it worked out perfectly. Head down, no sudden movements, and under no circumstances engage with fellow passengers. Everyone left the car healthy and happy. Which is a rarity because nine times out of ten that scenario ends in a pee-soaked brawl.

Chances are he’s going to wake up tomorrow and not even remember it. He’ll check all his normal spots- the laundry basket, the dresser drawer, the kitchen counter, and they’ll all be bone dry. For his sake it’s too bad no one stopped him because it’s going to keep happening until he has a bad experience. Oh well, as long as he doesn’t pee on me I couldn’t care less. The subways are essentially toilets anyway.