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Aaron Rodgers Has Been Running As The Packers Scout Team QB This Week, Somehow Impersonating The Cleveland Browns Impossibly Bad Offense

So as you may know, God himself has almost completed the resurrection process and will be returning to the football field shortly. Because the Packers mistakenly put Rodgers on the IR, he is forced to sit out one more week even though he is ready to rock right now. That means the incompetent Brett Hundley will be under center against the Cleveland Browns, with Joe Callahan serving as the backup. That puts Aaron Rodgers as this week’s Scout Team quarterback. LOL

The goal of the Scout Team quarterback is to mirror the opposing team’s offensive play-style, to help get the starting defense ready for Sunday. So we’ve got one of the best quarterbacks of our generation trying to replicate the most incompetent offense in the NFL. I have a question…Is Rodgers throwing blindfolded? Is he throwing lefty? Look at this shit.

I mean some of these throws are simply impossible to replicate. I’d imagine Aaron doesn’t watch the Browns offense too often, but this week he’s gotta watch some of the “highlights” to see whatever they’ve got going on. This seriously might delay Rodgers from starting against Carolina. This is gonna set him back. I was confident if the Pack took care of Cleveland this week and win out with 12 they would sneak in the playoffs, but I’m not so sure anymore. Watching the Browns play football is like infecting yourself with a disease.

P.S. Wanna know why the NFL really sucks? It’s cause we don’t see Rodgers doing Aaron Rodgers things every Sunday. Once Week 15 rolls around all will be back to normal I promise and then we can maybe get that Brady vs. Rodgers Super Bowl we’ve been starving for all these years.