Mailman Celebrates First Snow By Ripping A Bunch Of Donuts In The Cul De Sac

Federal employees hard at work. You love to see it. Anyone who lives anywhere it snows knows how sweet ripping that first snow donut is. You don’t just go for it though, you need to work up to it. You start by pumping the breaks, maybe chirp the  tires a little bit to test the traction. If that works, you start taking corners a little too fast to get a slide going. Then you test the e-brake to see if you can whip the back out. The first few times you do it you get butterflies, but once those go away you’re ready to creep into the rich kids’ neighborhood and go for it. That or you hit up the high school parking lot if someone didn’t get to it first.

I’m assuming this guy didn’t do any of that which I’m fine with. He spends his entire day slaving behind the wheel. I’m sure he knows the route inside and out. Like an Avatar with its horse. Although the broad daylight aspect is a bit concerning. Maybe he assumed no one was home? That or he just needed a way to break up the monotony which is okay as long as no one gets hurt. It looks like he’s skilled enough to prevent that from happening, unlike most.