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Sophie Turner AKA Sansa Stark Confirms Our Worst Fears: Game Of Thrones Will Not Be Back Until 2019

Yes, Game of Thrones fans, the rumors are true. The end is coming—but not until 2019. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, has confirmed that the eighth and final season of HBO’s colossal fantasy drama will not air in 2018, but a year later. Rumors about the final six episodes being delayed began circulating when Season 7 concluded in August. However, HBO did not issue any confirmation at the time.

Production on the final season began in October and is expected to continue through next summer. In an interview with Variety published on Wednesday, Turner—recently engaged to pop star Joe Jonas—confirmed GoT Season 8 “comes out in 2019” and said there is still “six or seven months left” of filming.

Sansa, nooooooooo!!! THIS is why I was pissed that Jason Momoa had to go out and yap about how this season of Thrones was going to be the greatest thing to ever be shown on TV. Yeah we knew that Thrones probably wasn’t coming back next year, but the fact HBO didn’t say anything had me holding out a sliver of hope. And then Sansa Stark unleashed a pack of starving dogs that ate that hope alive.

To be honest, it’s not as much the fact that Thrones won’t be back in the next 12 months. It’s more than it won’t be back until 2019. The year 2019 just seems soooooooo far away. Like 5 years away, minimum. I bet the people that design the New Years Eve glasses every year haven’t even come up with a design or prototype for the 2019 model yet. For the longest time, when people say ” 10 years ago”, I used to think it was 1996. Now I think 2002 or so. Nope, way off. And what happens if there are more delays? Then HBO starts tossing around the idea of a 2020 release, falls in love with it, and Game of Thrones Season 8 becomes the new Detox. And lets also keep in mind that there is the very real possibility of nuclear war breaking out at any time between now and the Season 8 premiere. Get your ass off your shoulders HBO and give us a flawless final season. No pressure!

And how about this for an all-time “I have bad news but I also have good news”.

The eighth season of GoT will feature only six episodes, but they are expected to be super-sized, and may each be the length of a feature film. The longest episode already aired was the Season 7 finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” which lasted for 80 minutes.

I still don’t understand why these shows have to cut their final seasons in half other than it is all probably because of money reasons my blogger brain doesn’t understand. But the thought of 6 feature film-sized Thrones episodes is as awesome as it is terrifying. Awesome because for 6 Sundays we will be swimming in Thrones and all the chaos of the living vs. the dead. But also terrifying because all of our favorite characters will be on the chopping block at any given moment. I stood during the entire finale of Season 7. I don’t know if I’m mentally (and definitely not physically) ready to do that for 90+ minutes 6 more times.

But until 2019 comes (if it ever comes), you can relive Season 7 through recaps with me, Charlie, as well as some of your favorite Barstool and sports personalities!

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