The Grand Rapids Drive Dropped the Hottest Promo Video of the Year

I’m an absolute sucker for the G-League and most minor leagues. I give credit to anyone working in the minor leagues because you have to come up with different gimmick nights and promos to help draw interest to a product that many aren’t too worried about. But, this is how you do it. This is how you win promotions. Listen, people will talk about the growth of talent in the G-League as to why it’s being more successful. People will talk about being affiliated with NBA teams. They are wrong. It’s this.

The Grand Rapids Drive played to the crowd. You put a ’90s theme around anything and it’s going to sell. You mash in a top-10 theme song of all time in Family Matters and you’re going to draw interest. Speaking of that, the best theme songs for network shows goes as follows:

1. Hang Time

2. King of Queens

3. City Guys

4. Baywatch

5. Full House

As for the players, well needless to say they nailed it. My personal favorite is the big thumbs up by Jon Horford with Bronson Koenig’s goofy smile as the second best. If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, go check out ’90s night.