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Marble Racing Is The Most Exhilarating 3 And A Half Minutes You'll Spend Today

If “The Revenant” was able to make noise at the Oscars I see no reason why this three minute and 46 second clip shouldn’t be up for multiple nominations this year. Go ahead, tell me this wasn’t one of the most gripping, edge of your seat experiences of your life. Go ahead and lie. Because what Comet was able to accomplish here was nothing short of spectacular. A legendary display of grit, stick-to-itiveness, guts, moxie, heart, perseverance, determination, and the will to win.

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A field of some of the fiercest competitors you ever did see, Comet got out to an immediate lead and looked to be fending off the field at every twist and turn. You never want to count your chicken before they hatch, especially in a sport as unpredictable as Marble Sand Racing, but this just felt like Comet’s day. But then the unthinkable happened: Comet went barreling into a divider, allowing Reflektor and Tarantula to do-si-do and jostle for the lead while Comet fell back in the pack with the likes of Pollo Loco and Deep Ocean. Even bums like Dragon’s Egg were ready to cheer on the untimely demise of Comet. Children around the globe were burying their faces in their hands as they couldn’t bear to watch their hero Comet lose. Not like this.

But folks, this was far from over. After regrouping, Comet made a daring, straight line attack to jolt past Deep Ocean and Reflektor. Those jamokes didn’t even know what hit them. And poor Tarantula just wasn’t ready to be a Champion today. He couldn’t fend off Comet in the slightest. He felt the heat nipping at his heels and conceded defeat without much of a fight. And from there, Comet put distance between himself and the rest of the pack, securing the win and the glory that comes with Sand Marble Racing. He hit that Mario Kart Star after crashing into the divider and never looked back. This wasn’t a story about a race. This was a tale to never give up, never look back, never say never. I think we can agree we’re all better people now than we were even five minutes ago for letting this inspiration into our lives.

PS – Pretty disappointing showing from the up-and-coming rookie, Marbly McMarbleface. We all know Sand Marble Racing is a tough sport to just waltz in and dominate but to not even place Top 10 with all that hype surrounding him is just disappointing. You hope the kid hasn’t been reading too many of his own press clippings and can bounce back next week to put on a better showing. You’d hate to see another promising young career get derailed before it even took off like so many others have in the cut throat world of Marble Racing.