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Kane And Toews Back On The Ice Together





This is just the sight we needed. The last month of the season feels like it took 10,000 years but now we’re here. Playoffs on Thursday night. Defense of the Cup. Locked and loaded. Cashing Checks and Snapping Necks. Suns out Guns out (last one made no sense but I was sort of on a roll).



Anyway, chief will do a full series breakdown before we get rolling but if you haven’t been paying attention the last month 2 things happened. The Blackhawks actually played not awful without Kane and Toews (large part due to the emergence of Jeremy Morin) winning 4 in a row to start off April before losing the last 2 meaningless games of the season, and the Blues have been HORRIBLE, like really really bad. Losing 6 in a row, 7 of 9, and scoring a total of 10 goals in those 9 games. But, none of that matters, because starting Thursday it’s a new season. Obviously I’d rather face the Blues than the Avalanche but no series is easy in the playoffs, we all know that.



As for the schedule. Here it is. Games on Saturday afternoon and a potential Friday night game 5 are nothing but trouble for anyone who likes to drink with their hockey (read, everyone).





Also, I was thinking about going down to St. Louis for a game but then I remembered I’m not up to date on my shots. #BurnCityPopulationStLouis.