This Girl's Half Court Shot For Free Tuition Would've Maybe Gone in if She Shot it From The Foul Line

SO CLOSE! I mean if you’re this girl how can you accept the offer to take this shot? If you know you’re physically incapable of launching a basketball past 10 feet then how do you go out to half court in front of everyone to get completely humiliated? At least let her shoot from the three point line or something and give her a shot after that shit. I feel for this girl cause she never should’ve been let out there. Don’t send her out there to be mocked by the world.

I really wanted to blog this just to show Tex’s half court shot again. Literally the worst attempt at a half court shot I’ve ever seen. One of the worst male athletic performances in some time. It’s like Tex never touched a basketball before. I’ve seen this over 100 times.

That’s why I’m telling you to buy the Rough and Rowdy fight so you can see Hank absolutely obliterate Tex in the ring. Buy here and get the fight at $9.99 before it goes up to $14.99 the day of. We can even make money off the fight! Hank not being -300 is an absolute joke. He’s never taken something so serious in his life, hasn’t said a word to anyone in the office in weeks, just working out like a maniac to bury Tex. It’s embarrassing to Vegas and it could be the lock of eternity. Buy the fight, put $100 on Hank and have yourself a Friday night.