Video Of This Person Commuting To Work During The California Fires Is INSANE

Holy. Shit. Holy fucking shit. That video is so insane I wasn’t even sure it was real at first. Mordor or California? You decide. Listen, I’m from the Midwest. We don’t have much experience with wildfires. And by that I mean no experience with wildfires. We mostly deal with tornadoes which are terrifying in their own right. The sky gets black, the wind starts to pick up, the tornado sirens start to go off and you go to the basement unit lit blows over. One thing you don’t do with a tornado is drive straight towards it which is what it appears all of those people are doing with the the fires in California. Are fires and tornadoes different things? Yep. Sure are. But a good rule of thumb when it comes to danger is to turn around and sprint the other way. The people in that video are acting like it’s just an ordinary day despite the fiery burning hell just off into the distance. No big deal. Just headed to work on the 405.

Silver lining? We no longer have to envision what the apocalypse would look like. That’s it. We know now. When shit really hits the fan on Earth for whatever reason, that’s what it’s gonna look like all over the world. Just rolling hills of fire and destruction. Something to look forward to I guess.