California's Wild Fires Are Creating Some Insane Drives To Work

I dont know about you guys, but I think that’s when you work from home. I think you can call your boss and say, “Hey Nancy. It’s Dan Simmons from Marketing. I dont think I’ll be coming in to work today. You see, an entire mountain chain is on fire and I dont think it’s worth the risk.”

“Well, Dan. Do you have good internet speed at home? Can you complete your work on time?”

“Oh, you betcha. I have the best internet. Download speeds. Upload speeds. You name it.”

“Ok. Sounds good. Can you send me a picture of the fire… you know.. for the file.”

You have a file? Shit. You start to think about your work lately. While it hasnt been the best, it certainly not the worst. Nothing that you should fear losing your job over. I mean, you skate on Fridays but who doesnt? They don’t call em casual for no reason.

“Oh. That’s no problem at all Nancy. I’ll text it to you now.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 11.03.20 AM

“That’s crazy! As long as you have the good internet speeds, you can stay home. In fact, I had call forwarding set up so I’m at home now lol. Be safe out there Dan. It’s a madhouse.”

“I sure will, Nancy. Don’t worry about the internet. I got the higher speeds so I could stream the Rough And Rowdy fights presented by Barstool Sports. I cant wait. Many are saying that it will be the fight of the year!”

“Tex vs Hank. You betcha it will be. Mind sending me the link?”

“Absolutely. Here it is.”

The rest of the conversation was private.

On a real note, insane that people are using words like “commute” surrounding these fires. The wild fires are stretching up huge areas of the coast and have become so commonplace that people are treating them like thunderstorms. Cant commute through a fire like that. You gotta evacuate. That’s the only option.