No Duh! Heterosexual State Representative Metcalfe Discloses He Does Not Like Being Touched By Men: No Doy!

I love this! Losing an argument? Suggest the other person is trying to fuck your brains out.

“As a matter of this healthcare bill”

“Whoa!” says Metcalf interupting, “Health careophylll? More like health boreophyll. No, I will not make out with you, sir. I have a wife and children!”

I, like you, agree that not everything in life needs a Billy Madison reference but I think we can all agree that this State’s representative overreacted just a touch. It must stink when you make a principled, reasoned, heterosexual stance that people feel free to mock you by saying things like, “We are officially off the rails. My intent was just to beg for your permission for about 30 seconds.” Buddy, come to think of it… that does sound like me to my wife every Friday night.

What I was saying there is that I cum fast in bed. (sex)