Two Potty Mouthed Portly Cruisers Hilariously Destroy Each Other Over A Beach Umbrella

Source – Two US tourists threw punches over a spilled beer and a beach umbrella while visiting the Caribbean. The men were on a cruise excursion in St Kitts in October when the altercation occurred in front of beachgoers.

One man, who was wearing a black backpack, became angry with beach staffers after he didn’t receive a chair and an umbrella. ‘I’m so sorry,’ the beach patrol officer is heard telling the man who continues to fuss about the umbrella. ‘It has nothing to do with us,’ she tells the man.

 Another man (right in white) told him to shut up and sit down. The backpack-wearing man was then seen dumping over the other dude’s beer, prompting him to jump on the bench (left) and take the first punch. The two men then went crashing down to the ground as beachgoers looked on in disbelief. 

Sit down and shut up? Easy for you say, buddy. You’re enjoying a cold one underneath the luxury of your pre-paid  straw umbrella. That guy’s sweating his dick off in a Jansport and a fishing shirt. No wonder he snapped. Sure, it was an aggressive move to dump out his entire cooler but he was asking for it. You don’t get in other people’s business. He has every right to bitch about not getting his money’s worth. If you don’t like it, walk away. Even if it means giving up a piece of primo man-made beach real estate. Lucky for us, he decided to jump on a picnic table and take things to the next level.

I’ve watched the initial blow fifty times and each time I laugh harder than the last. It’s like my brain can’t comprehend the level of white trash on my screen. I wouldn’t think it was so funny if they were younger, but the fact that they’re in their seventies just kills me. Like, they’re probably grandparents, snow birding for a few weeks to get out of the cold and they end up getting into a shit-faced beach brawl over an umbrella. That’s the caliber of human you get on cruises. They’re a bottom-of-the-barrel people. Buffet-eating, discount-seeking trash. But they make for GREAT entertainment. There’s an entire YouTube channel dedicated to showing cruisers in their element and its magical. If you liked that video there are more like it here.