John McCain Asks For More Twitter Followers To Reach 3 Million, Immediately Loses Thousands And #UnfollowMcCain Trends

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Big time old guy move to ask for followers. Can’t really fault McCain at all for that. Pretty much anybody 60+ can’t be expected to understand what is and isn’t acceptable on twitter. McCain is 81 with brain cancer, obviously gonna be way off. He’s just too old.

How about this Mashable headline calling him “tone deaf”?

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Uhhhhh ya think? I wouldn’t say tone deaf I would probably say just actually deaf.

You know who are the worst people? These people are the worst people.

How DARE Senator McCain (one of Senator McCain’s aides), probably while walking from meeting to meeting, take 15 seconds to toss up a quick tweet about being close to 3M followers. Disgusting! Disturbing! Inexcusable! No wonder our country’s going to shit!

Oh wait.