Ovi Moved Up To 20th In All Time Goals When He Scored His 20th Goal In The 28th Game Of The Season Last Night

What a guy, what a guy. 13th season and no signs of slowing down even slightly. He now has scored 20+ goals every season, including the 48 game 2012-13 season when he had 32. After 3 straight 50+ goal seasons, he had his 2nd lowest ever total last season with just 33. And now, in only 28 games this season, he is 2/3 of the way there after this dandy of a goal last night:

At 32 years old, he now sits at 20th on the all time goals scored list, which is majorly impressive, playing in an era where goals aren’t easy to come by.

It’s crazy the pace he’s on, and how his game hasn’t slowed down at all (knock on wood). Even if he only averages 30 goals a season for 8 more years, that puts him over 800 for his career. And that’s averaging only 30/year, when his career average before this season was 46.5. Sure he has to slow down at some point…maybe….but 800 is definitely in reach, and shit, maybe he pulls a full Jagr and plays until he’s 80 and catches Gretzky.