Girl Tries To Feed A Seagull On The Beach And Is Promptly Attacked By A Trillion Seagulls

That just goes to show that no good deed goes unpunished. She tried to do one good thing for one seagull and the rest of them ruined it by murdering an innocent girl. She’s dead, yeah? Has to be. And her friend posted that video to Twitter? She’s either dead or still swimming into that ocean to try and get away from the flock of murderous seagulls. The question then becomes, would you allow yourself to get pecked to death by seagulls in order to go viral? Alright maybe not pecked to death but seriously hospitalized for a couple months. 16,000+ RTs and 37,000+ favorites ain’t no joke in these internet streets. There’s social media influencers out there that would kill for those type of numbers. I don’t think I’d do it cause I had a hot fire Urkel/Iowa tweet that will be keep me satiated for a few months. So I won’t need the endorphin hit until at least March. Talk to me then.