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Former Miss Russia Model Shamed Online For Having Giant Feet

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Fox News — The trolling began after Reshetova, the first runner-up in the 2014 Miss Russia pageant, posted a photo of herself in an orange bikini a few months back. A couple of mean-spirited commenters were quick to criticize Reshetova’s feet, calling them “flippers,” and even joking about her shoe-shopping habits, according to The Independent.

“You can have size 41 feet, but do not be proud of it,” wrote one commenter, per a translation, about the Nov. 23 post above.

“Infinite feet,” wrote another.

Like in her previous post, however, Reshetova had far more defenders than critics. In fact, one said to her she’d gladly take Reshetova’s figure if it came with size 43 (approximately 11.5 in U.S. size) feet.

I gotta call a spade a spade here, “infinite feet” is an A+ comment. Laugh out loud funny stuff. Touché Russian commenter. Imagine hopping on Instagram, scrolling through all the smokes you follow, noticing one’s feet look huge, and chiming in just, “infinite feet.”

I die, I die.

Anywho, this obviously begs the question — do you care if this girl has giant feet? Do you care if your girl wears an 11.5 shoe? Does this matter? Is this a deal breaker?


This lovely young woman stands at the back of the line as you enter your local coffee shop. You’re in Russia so you scurry in to escape the cold, kick the snow off your boots, and remove a headphone from the ear nearest her. Your clumsy entrance resulted in you slightly brushing into her, so you apologize softly, like a gentleman. She smiles and tells you not to worry about it. Before you know it, the two of you are engaged in some chit chat about the weather, how you like your coffee, the stresses of a managing the modern day work/life balance. You ask her out for a drink sometime. She says yes.

You’re a classy guy, so drinks turn into dinner. She orders the 6-ounce filet. You like a girl that can handle her meat. Not to be outdone, you get the 8-ouncer. Rare. Your jokes land all night. You’re on fire, and luckily you had recently done laundry so you look handsome in your no. 1 shirt. After a few glasses of full bodied red, you’re back to your place.

Some consensual kissing occurs and the two of you each kick off each other’s shoes, because you’re not neanderthals. Right then you notice it — her shoes are the same size as yours, perhaps even a little larger.

You’re frozen in time for a moment. How do you proceed? Do you carry on, pretending not to notice? Attempting not to care? It’s a peculiar spot. It’s rare, much like your steak. Do you get her attention, point down, say “infinite feet,” and leave?

Just kidding. That would be incredibly rude.

Realistically, this girl is an absolute smoke. She’s gorgeous, and based on her Instagram profile, which only becomes more appealing with the long Russian captions, she appears to have a great, playful, buoyant personality. I very much would like to spend time with her, to get to know her, to care about her, to hear all about the perpetual struggles between her and her coworkers, whether she wears an 11.5 shoe or a 25 shoe. I care not.

Am I the only one? God I hope so.