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Local Brewery Uses 'Dilly Dilly' For A Beer And Bud Light Sends In The Town Cryer To Ring The Copyright Infringement Bell

Touche, Bud Light. Touche, indeed. The gazillion dollar beer behemoth could’ve handled this a lot differently. I’m actually surprised they didn’t send over a bunch of high class 21st century attorneys to at the very least scare the pants off this little microbrewery. Not even real lawyers. I’m talking about the Hollywood LA Law kind who work in big skyscrapers, have secretaries, and wear belts. Nope. Bud Light continues to be PR maniacs by sending out the Town Cryer and Super Bowl tickets alleviate any hard feelings. To that, we all say –

Love it. Even got a little viral video out of being the bullies in a cease and desist. Talk about your all-time PR job. Next up, providing the entire city of Philadelphia free booze for a Super Bowl Championship. Dilly. Motherfucking. Dilly.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 2.49.39 PM

Bud Light: Real Men Of Genius, indeed.