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Inmate Headbutts Another Inmate In Court For Being A Child Molester

HuffPo- A New Hampshire man convicted of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl was attacked by a fellow prisoner during his sentencing.

Christopher Elwell, 29, sat in court Thursday after being sentenced to seven to 15 years in prison when a shackled inmate head-butted him several times, WMUR reported.

The inmate, Josiah Davies, likely attacked Elwell after learning details of his case, Assistant Strafford County Attorney Emily Conant told the station. Davies was awaiting a hearing on a probation violation.

It’s no secret that prison is a rough place for pedophiles. The inmate code dictates that pedophiles and snitches are the worst people in the prison, so you should beat them whenever you have a free minute. But what’s crazy in this video is that these dudes aren’t even in prison yet. They’ve never met before, and they’re still in the court room for their sentencing hearing! It’s CRAZY to see a criminal attack another criminal to enforce the code. That Josiah Davies was so overcome with anger when hearing that Elwell had molested a young girl definitely underscores the point that there are varying levels of bad guy. And child molesters, in the eyes of other bad guys, might be the worst.

Just a quick note–headbutting is the most savage fighting move in the game. If someone headbutts you in a fight, you’re in BIG trouble. Because that person has nothing to lose. They’re using their face as a weapon. Unless you train in headbutting, it’s likely that you’ll miss and smash your own face against theirs, potentially kissing them in the process. It’s very difficult to refocus during a fight after accidentally making out with the guy you’re trying to pummel.

If I’m Christopher Elwell, I’m shitting my pants. Hasn’t even made it to the prison yet and he’s already got random dudes headbutting him. You’d think you were safe, surrounded by court officers and a judge. Next thing you know, some rando is raining headers down on you because his hands are cuffed like yours.  Have to believe it will be a LOT worse once he takes his first shower behind bars.