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Herm Edwards Didn't Realize ASU's Mascot Was The Sun Devil at Today's Intro Press Conference

Watch out for them Devils, Herm. You might encounter a devil or two in your time as being the Arizona SUN DEVIL’S head coach. YIKES. Could you imagine Herm resigns as coach after realizing being a Christian man running a team of Devils isn’t in his best interest.

So today Herm had his introductory press conference for Arizona State. Yes, the year will be 2018 and Herm Edwards will be coaching a bunch of millennials on how to play collegiate football. It’s maybe the most bizarro world hire I’ve seen in a couple years. As you can expect, the press conference was filled with tons of weird shit.

He basically still has the fire and could still drill a quarterback.

He talked about Tedy Bruschi’s reaction (Arizona alumni) and somehow tied it into NFL rivalries and NFL free agency.

I’m not entirely sure how Herm as a college coach (something he hasn’t done in 19 years) will work, but I do know we’re in for some all-time press conferences and in-game flip outs. I don’t think anyone really expects this hire to work out, but it’s gonna be must watch.

Here’s the full video of the presser.