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Dude Fires Up Fantasy Football Draft On Laptop During Movie Previews

Dedication? Really torn whether to respect or hate the fuck out of this guy. The man obviously has given up trying. Can’t see but I’d bet the bank he’s sporting a hot pair of sweats to go along with some Type-2 diabetes. Doesn’t care about his surroundings or his woman. Have to respect a person with that little amount of soul left to defend. On the other hand there is nothing worse than being in a movie theater where someone is doing ANYTHING other than watching the movie quietly. Teens texting, kids chewing popcorn with their mouths open, black people talking. All are grounds for banishment from the cinema and/or a force feeding of a movie hot dog.

This man a hero or a farce?

Vote 1 for Anyone Who Lost That Many Fucks To Give Deserves Respect and 10 for Shocked He Actually Had A Lady To Take To The Movies In The First Place:

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PS – Why hello there Elika, would you like some of my popcorn?