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This Genius Pretended He Was Playing A UFC Video Game To Avoid Getting His Livestream Of UFC 218 Taken Down

UFC 218 took place on Saturday night, live on pay-per-view for the price of $64.99. I bought the show, as I always do now that I work at a place where I can expensive them, but in middle school and in high school, I didn’t always have the money to watch my favorites fight. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve watched a pirated stream or two or three or hundred. I’ll never forget when one of the streamers I used left his microphone on during UFC 152 and I listened to him wash silverware and argue with his wife while Jon Jones fought Vitor Belfort, but I disgress

As a mixed martial arts blogger that’s rooting for the sport to grow, I must reprimand this monster for streaming the event and taking money out of Dana White’s pocket. As a fan who’s been hard on money…thank you for your service. The quality and lack of lag on this stream is impeccable, and the addition of the streamer’s reactions is a a cherry on top. His face when Francis Ngannou knocked out Alistair Overeem was phenomenal.


Eyes popped right out of his head.

While this guy is a hero in many’s eyes, UFC doesn’t put up with this shit and might just try to sue him. It’s very possible.